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General Terms and Conditions of Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide
Customer data:
We guarantee you that the personal data provided by you will be treated as strictly confidential and will definitely not be passed on to third parties and will not be stored at our server.

I. General
These General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) are a basis and part of all contracts between Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide, Owner Juergen Ebert, and the Customer. Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide delivers its goods only according to these GTCs if both parties have not agreed on other conditions in writing. The GTCs are definitely considered to be accepted by placing an order. Customer´s terms and conditions apply only if these terms and conditions were expressly accepted by Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide in writing. Any explanations to the delivery contract or any explanations related to the delivery contract must be put in writing. Any agreements, explanations and so on must always be put in writing.

The employees of Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide are not allowed to make any side agreements or make verbal promises that go beyond the contents of the particular supply contract including these Terms and Conditions.

Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide reserves the right to change the GTCs if the changes are announced to the Customer within an adequate term. Should the Customer raise no objections to the changed GTCs within 2 weeks after receiving a notification of change or should the Customer raise no objections at the latest before the notification of change becomes effective, will the notification of change, as announced, come into operation. Should the Customer raise objections to the changes within the term, Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide has the right to terminate the contract before the GTCs come into operation.
We are not responsible for error or clerical error !

II. Conclusion of a contract

The contract is regarded as concluded after our company has received a written order (via email, fax etc.) and has confirmed it in writing. To avoid any mistakes, Customer´s order will be processed after our telephoning the Customer back. When company’s employee who is not a legal agent places an order, Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide requires principal´s written authority.

III. Minimum order value, prices

The minimum order value is 10,00 EURO. The prices at the moment of the order apply, except for so-called price-controlled products.
All prices given are inclusive of VAT in EURO.

IV. Delivery charges / processing charges

For a delivery of replacement parts and accessories up to 200 Euro worth of goods, the Customer must pay all delivery charges. For a delivery of replacement parts and accessories up to 1000 Euro worth of goods, the Customer must only pay a part of delivery charges of. Machines, replacement parts and accessories 1001,00 EURO and upwards worth of goods shall be delivered for free. For international orders extra freight charges shall be charged. Information about parts of delivery charges on request.

V. Terms of payment

Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide shall deliver goods against prepayment or per cash on delivery as agreed upon.
A payment on invoice shall be contracted between Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide and the Customer.
If the Customer wants to pay on invoice, the goods will become due on the maturity date determined on the invoice.
After this term the Customer is in default of payment without a notification of this fact through an urging letter. Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide shall be entitled to charge default interest of 5% above the basic interest rate according to
§ 247 of German Civil Code in connection with § 288 (1) of German Civil Code. Customers who are no consumers as defined by the German Civil Code shall be charged 8 % above the basic interest rate according to § 288 (2) of German Civil Code.

Any other terms of payment, especially for foreign customers, must be contracted separately.
Since 01.02.2014 we have switched to the SEPA payment methods

VI. Terms of delivery

The goods shall be delivered by a delivery company, which Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide
considers to be the most favourable.

VII. Retention of ownership

The ownership of the products delivered shall remain with Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide until the products
have been paid for in full.
(see our annexe)

VIII. Liability for material damage and defects of title

The Customer is bound to notify Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide in writing about apparent damage and defects within 2 weeks after receipt of the goods. After the expiry of the time limit a claim of apparent defects is excluded.

According any other defects which have been asserted within 2 years after receipt of the goods, Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide reserves the right to either remedy the defect or to give the Customer a product substitution. The decision between these both possibilities depends on Technology Trading Ebert Schoenheide. Should the remedy of defects or the substitution fail, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract or to be given a price reduction. Otherwise, legal regulations for purchase or extended guarantee regulations of the respective manufacturers apply and can be made available to the Customer upon request at any time.

IX. Withdrawal and return consignments

Return consignments of damaged goods will only be accepted after prior consultation or receipt of a written notification.
The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract and send the goods back within 14 days. The term is considered to be kept if the seller receives a notification of withdrawal in writing within 14 days.
The costs for a return consignment shall bear the seller.
The withdrawal does not have to be justified. It can be made in writing or by returning the delivered goods within the term.
The return consignment date is decisive.
The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods that were tailored to customer´s needs and requirements (alterations, modifications, goods made to order).

X. Final clause

If the parties have not agreed upon any other regulations, legal regulations of German Civil Law concerning the Purchase and Consumer Law apply.

XI. Place of jurisdiction

Any disputes arising from the business relationship will be settled before a competent court of law in Aue provided the contract partner is a trader.

Annexe to the GTCs
concerning the retention of ownership in business relationships with our commercial customers (traders):

(1) The goods delivered remain the property of the seller (so-called reserved goods) until all claims against the buyer resulting from the business relationship have completely been fulfilled. Fulfilling particular claims of the seller or making a balance and acknowledgement of a balance do not affect seller´s reservation of the ownership. If the parties agreed upon seller´s bill guaranty concerning the payment of the purchase price, the retention of ownership shall not finish until the bill of exchange has been met by the buyer as drawee. In the case of buyer´s default in payment the seller has the right, after sending the buyer a reminder, to take the reserved goods back and the buyer is obliged to give the reserved goods back to the seller.
(2) Processing of the reserved goods is to be regarded as effected in the name of the seller so that the ownership of the new movable goods resides with the seller without his being obliged. If seller's goods are processed together with goods of other companies, the seller obtains co-ownership of the new goods according to the ratio between the reserved goods value and the value of the other goods at the time of the processing. If seller's goods are mixed or in any way connected with goods according to §§ 947, 948 of German Civil Code (BGB) he does not own, the seller obtains co-ownership in accordance with legal regulations. Should the buyer obtain sole ownership by processing, mixing or connecting seller´s goods with goods of other companies (other goods), the buyer is now transferring the co-ownership to the seller according to the value ratio between the reserved goods and the goods of other companies (other goods) at the time of the processing. The buyer is obliged to store the reserved goods (seller´s possession or co-possession) at his own costs.
(3) If the reserved good are resold alone or with other goods not owned by the seller, the claim is regarded as assigned to the seller according to the ratio existing between seller's ownership (or co-ownership) of the reserved goods and remaining goods. The seller accepts the assignment of claims. The value of the reserved goods consists of amount of the invoice and a covering extra charge of 10 %. The extra charge of 10 % shall not apply if there are also claims of third parties. If the seller co-owns the resold reserved goods, the assigned claims regard only the proportionate value of the goods the seller owns. Paragraph 1, clause 2 applies to extended retention of ownership; assignment in advance according to paragraph 3, clauses 1 and 3 concerns the demand of a balance.
(4) The buyer is entitled and authorized to resell, use or install the reserved goods only within the scope of an ordinary and proper business transaction so that the claims will be transferred to the seller according to paragraph 3. The buyer is not entitled to treat the reserved goods in other ways, e.g. to pledge them or transfer ownership by way of security.
(5) The buyer is obliged to immediately inform the seller about compulsory execution measures of third parties concerning the reserved goods or assigned claims. He is also obliged to hand over documents that are needed to enter an objection to the seller.
(6) If there are a stoppage of payments, request and opening of the bankruptcy or extrajudicial composition proceedings, the right to resell, use or to install the reserved goods and the direct debit mandate for assigned claims extinct. Direct debit mandate concerning cheque and bill protests also finishes.
(7) If the value of the granted security provided for the seller exceeds the total amount of the seller's claims by more than 10%, the seller is obliged to transfer it to the buyer or release the security in the manner of his choice. After fulfilling all seller´s claims resulting from the business relationship, the ownership of the reserved goods and the assigned claims shall be transferred to the buyer.

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